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Tree Spotlight: Medjool Date Palm

The Medjool Date Palm Tree is quickly gaining popularity as one of the best trees to add to your landscaping for that fantastic, tropical feel. Plus, let’s not forget the bonus of harvesting your very own crop of delicious, Medjool dates!

Today, we’ll spotlight this magnificent tree so that you can see and learn why you NEED to add this tree to your yard!

The Look

Medjool Date Palms are known for their large and lush canopies, full of wide leaflets ranging in color from dark green to even a silvery green! The average trunk size is about 18-20 inches in diameter, while the tree can reach up to 20 feet tall. The trunk is covered in a petiole layer, which can be removed by hand to reveal a distinctive diamond pattern. Generally speaking, these are gorgeous trees that can add a tropical feel to a landscape or seamlessly blend in with a wide range of other materials, plants, and trees.

Historical Information

Medjool Date Palm Trees are one of the first plants to be cultivated by man, with the first written record dating back to about 5,000 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia! They have various meanings in different religions. These trees are found mainly in the Middle East and Northern Africa, as they thrive in the dry, desert heat– this made them very important in the past, as dates were a staple food for many people, equal to rice, wheat, and even potatoes in other cultures. Today, these regions are still the world’s top date-producing countries.


As stated earlier, Medjool Date Palm Trees are found mainly in the Middle East and Northern Africa, as they do best in a dry, desert climate. However, as they are growing in popularity all over the world, it is now possible to find these trees in a variety of different countries, including the U.S. (particularly Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada), Mexico, South America, Australia, western China, and west India.


Medjool Date Palms are some of the most durable trees on the market, withstanding freezing temperatures for short periods while thriving in high-temperature and tropical climates, making them ideal for Houston & Texas. They can also tolerate high levels of salt in the soil and extended periods of time without water. Once planted, Medjool Date Palms can be expected to live up to 200 years.


    • Soil: Medjool Date Palms aren’t too picky about soil conditions, but you may want to be careful if you are planting trees in heavy soil, especially if your irrigation water has a pH level under 7. There are also some simple yet specialized instructions for palms planted in direct beach sand and high water tables, so you’ll want to follow those directions to ensure a healthy tree. In general, Medjool dates can thrive anywhere that temperatures don’t fall below 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Even where the entire canopy does burn back during an extreme freeze event, established palms will fully recover with minimal care 95% of the time.
    • Sunlight: The more sun, the better! Plant your Medjool Palm Trees where they can get full sun exposure.
    • Moisture: While trees should always have some water, Medjool Palm Trees will not do well if the top layer of soil is always wet. Make sure there is a good wet-to-dry cycle wherever you live so that these trees can truly thrive!

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