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Sylvester Palms
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Sylvester Palms

The Sylvester is considered one of the most beautiful, durable palms available and Houston is the perfect environment for their successful growth! We are not only experts in the Sylvester, we are known for them! ​
The Sylvester Palms are commonly referred to as the Silver Date Palm, Sugar Date Palm and Wild Date Palms. This very popular landscaping palm works well for lining avenues, around pools and as accent trees which is why they are popular in Texas! As a slow growing palm, Sylvesters typical height at maturity are just the right size for most home landscapes. It has been gaining popularity as a cost-effective substitution to the Medijool Date Palm.
Sylvester Palms have many silvery blue-green fronds that rise directly from the trunk. The leaflets are arranged opposite to one another producing a nice, sleek appearance. If left untouched, Sylvester trunks have “boots” where old leaflets once were. These boots can be cut off and shaped into straight or diamond cut for a more polished and sleek look.

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