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DD Blanchard Magnolia
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DD Blanchard Magnolia

The DD Blanchard Magnolia tree (Magnolia grandiflora ‘DD Blanchard’) is a horticultural masterpiece that brings a touch of Southern elegance to any landscape. Renowned for its captivating beauty, this magnolia cultivar stands out with its distinctive features.
One of the most notable characteristics of the DD Blanchard Magnolia is its large, glossy green leaves. These leaves, reaching lengths of up to 10 inches (25 cm), possess a remarkable coppery-brown velvety underside, creating a stunning visual contrast. The foliage’s glossy sheen adds a luxurious touch, making it an eye-catching element in any setting.
In late spring and early summer, the tree adorns itself with magnificent blossoms. The DD Blanchard Magnolia produces large, fragrant flowers that are creamy-white and can measure up to 10 inches (25 cm) in diameter. The blooms not only provide a striking visual display but also emit a delightful lemony fragrance, attracting pollinators and enhancing the sensory experience of the surrounding environment.

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