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Mule Palms
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Mule Palms

The Mule Palm is a beautiful Hybrid Palm and the result of cross-pollinating the Pindo Palm (Butia odorata) “mother” and the Queen Palm (Syagrus romanzoffiania) “pollen donor”. One of the primary benefits of this palm is that the Mule Palm is extremely cold hardy and can withstand temperatures to at least 14F (-10C) when established. Keep in mind there may be frond damage at these low temperatures.
The Mule Palm’s closest lookalike is the Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera). The Mule Pale is considered sterile, hence its nickname ‘Mule Palm’, and all Mule Palms must be produced by hand pollination (hybrid of horse and donkey). ​
To produce Mule Palms it takes a tremendous amount of effort to create viable seeds. The seed producing Butia flowerstock all of the male flowers must be removed manually to prevent self-pollination. Then, the Queen pollen be put onto the receptive Butia blossoms. This takes a lot of experience, effort and time working in the palm canopy on a ladder during the hottest months of the year (July & August) and is one of the reasons this Hybrid is both rare and more expensive than the common Queen Palm.

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