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The pecan tree (Carya illinoinensis) is a majestic and valuable deciduous tree that is highly esteemed for both its ornamental and practical qualities. Native to North America, particularly the southern United States, the pecan tree is recognized for its impressive size, distinctive foliage, and, most notably, its delectable and nutritious nuts.
Pecan trees are known for their grand stature, often reaching heights of 70 to 100 feet (21 to 30 meters) or more. The canopy is expansive, forming a broad and rounded shape. The trunk is typically straight and sturdy, with deeply furrowed bark that adds to the tree’s mature and enduring appearance.
The compound leaves of the pecan tree are composed of multiple leaflets arranged along a central stem. Each leaflet has a serrated edge, providing an attractive texture to the foliage. In spring, the emerging leaves have a vibrant green hue, creating a lush canopy that provides ample shade during the warmer months.

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