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Nelly Stevens Holly
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Nelly Stevens Holly

For those looking to add a touch of classic evergreen elegance to their landscape, the Nelly Stevens Holly (Ilex × ‘Nelly Stevens’) is a standout choice. This hybrid holly is widely admired for its dense, pyramidal shape and glossy, dark green leaves. With a potential height of 15 to 25 feet and a spread of 10 to 15 feet, the Nelly Stevens Holly is perfect for creating striking hedges, screens, or as a focal point in your garden.

The Nelly Stevens Holly is particularly noted for its prolific production of bright red berries in the fall and winter, offering a stunning visual contrast against its lush foliage and providing a festive touch during the holiday season. These berries are also a favorite food source for birds, adding a lively element to your landscape.

When planting a Nelly Stevens Holly, consider its preference for well-drained, slightly acidic soil and full to partial sun exposure. This holly is relatively low-maintenance, requiring only moderate watering once established and showing good tolerance to both drought and urban pollution.

Pruning can be carried out to maintain the desired shape and size of the tree, making it an excellent choice for formal hedges or standalone ornamental specimens. It’s generally best to prune in late winter or early spring, before the new growth begins.

Incorporating a Nelly Stevens Holly into your landscape means more than just adding an evergreen tree; it’s about introducing year-round beauty and structure. Its ease of care and versatile nature makes it a favored choice among gardeners and landscape designers.

For more information about the elegant Nelly Stevens Holly and how it can enhance the aesthetics of your garden or landscape, please contact us today!

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