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Stuck at home? Going a little stir crazy? Build your backyard paradise now!

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With the current situation at a global level most of you are stuck at home! Why not use this time to come to our 20acre nursery/farm, where you will not have to worry about people on top of you like most other nurseries, and pick out plant material for your back or front yard!! Why not get a little exercise and get out of the house? This is the perfect time to plant! We at Verdant are dedicated to helping you and we can even plant for you. We also offer discounts based on size of install. The larger the install, the larger the discount!!

nMedjool date palm, Medjools, Phoenix Dactylifera, California fan palm, Pindo, Sylvester or wild date palm, Mediterranean fan, Pygmy, Queen, Live oak, Red Oak, Bald Cypress, Green Ash, Mexican Sycamore, Bottlebrush, Cedar Elm, Magnolia, Mule Palms, Texas Sabal, Windmill Palm, ect. We are Houston’s largest nursery (20 acers). If you are in the market for large or small trees this is where you want to come. You’ll get to hand pick the trees and if you need, we can even install them for you. We offer the best warranty in the industry and we actually stand behind our work. We are Veteran owned! Come by and see us today!n


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