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Poolscapes! Best landscape advise from our pros


If you currently have a pool or are looking to invest in a pool for the back yard, it’s important to consider the landscaping for several reasons:

1) Privacy: If you live in a neighborhood, you may want your backyard fun to be a little more private. We recommend installing landscape products that can rise above the fence line and create a large canopy. Sylvester palms, Medjool Palms, Crepe Myrtle, the Japanese Blueberry Tree, Holly Tree, Magnolia Trees and even trees like the Flowering Dogwood Trees are all great ideas because of their “fullness”.

If you don’t mind waiting for the privacy, you can save a few bucks by purchasing these trees as saplings, however if you’d like privacy immediately so you can enjoy the backyard without eavesdropping, Verdant carries and installs large landscape materials.

✭ Pro Tip: We recommend avoiding the Ash, Cottonwood Elm, Eucalyputs, Mulberry, Oak, Pine, Poplar and Walnut Trees because their root systems can cause issues with the pool structure over time. If you absolutely must have any of these, please consider a root barrier solution to protect your pool investment.

2) Aesthetic: Once you’ve decided your level of privacy, you’ll be looking to determine which of the options are the best “look” for the back yard. For a lot of our clients, we see that the Medjool, Date & Sylvester Palm are extremely popular as they provide a tropical feel. If you are looking for something more colorful, the Crepe Myrtle can be purchased in a number of colors that have bright blooms and thick canopies.

✭ Pro Tip: We recommend changing the eye line of the landscaping by using a variety of different height materials: Trees/Palms, Shrubs & Plants/Flowers for maximum aesthetic impact. When using color, be judicious! Too many different colors can be distracting.

3) Maintenance: In addition to making sure your landscape doesn’t cause foundational problems with the pool, you’ll also want to determine how much maintenance you are willing to do over time. You may love the Pine tree or Crepe Myrtle, but may reconsider when you’re cleaning your pool more often than expected because of the amount of leaves/blooms that shed. Consider lower maintenance products like the Date & Medjool.

✭ Pro Tip: If you live in Houston, consider hardy (more drought-tolerant) trees that need little maintenance & pruning that don’t shed their blooms as frequently.

We provide free landscape advice for all of our clients in helping them determine which products are right for them and even have 3D rendering so show the final product before purchase! Give us a call at 281-345-6789 or email us here!

Here is a list of Just a few of our trees we carry: Medjools, Phoenix Dactylifera, California fan palm, Pindo, Sylvester, Mediterranean fan, Pygmy, Queen, Live oak, Red Oak, Bald Cypress, Green Ash, Mexican Sycamore, Bottlebrush, Cedar Elm, Magnolia, Mule Palms, Texas Sabal, Windmill Palm, ect.

We are Houston’s largest nursery (20 acres). If you are in the market for large or small trees this is where you want to come. You’ll get to hand pick the trees and if you need, we can even install them for you. We offer the best warranty in the industry and we actually stand behind our work. We are Veteran owned! Come by and see us today!

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