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Palm Tree Species

If you’re looking to add a tropical feel to your backyard, adding a few palm trees is the perfect place to start. Famous for their fan-like leaves and fiber-covered tree trunks, palm trees are especially great for homes in warmer climates, as they withstand the heat. Plus, they are a great source of shade from the hot sun during the summer!

Believe it or not, there are several different kinds of palm tree species to choose from, and not all of them are created equal. Depending on your aesthetic and lifestyle preferences, one palm tree species may be more suited for you and your home than another.

Let’s review some of the most popular kinds of palm trees so that you can choose the species that’s perfect for you:

    • Bismarckia. With either silver blue or green leaf foliage, Bismarckia palm trees are great if you want that tropical vibe to your home. The leaves are very round and large, and the trunks are gray and tan and slightly bulge at the base. They grow moderately fast and are also salt tolerant. These noble beauties are a great addition to any yard!
    • Canary. Canary palm trees give you that classic palm tree look, with heavy green fronds and thick caliper trunks, though they are sometimes skinned to provide a unique presentation. Canaries are often pruned to enhance their overall appearance, giving the bottom of the crown a pineapple-like shape. They have a moderate growth rate and are cold and salt tolerant.
    • Filabusta. A hybrid palm fan, Filabusta palms are a cross between Washingtonia Robusta & Washingtonia Filifera Fan Palms. With thicker trunks, heavier green fan leaves, & a more moderate growth rate, Filibustas are considered superior to both the robusta and the filafera because they are more sturdy against cold weather. They are also one of the more budget-friendly palm varieties, giving you a tropical look for less.
    • Mediterranean Fan. Mediterranean fans are the most sturdy against cold weather, so if you live in a colder climate, this may be the palm for you. Though they can grow up to 20 feet tall, their canopies stay relatively low, making them great for areas with power lines that would get in the way of growth. Mediterranean fans are also one of the more low-maintenance palm trees- if you can’t dedicate too much time to caring for your palms, this is a great option.
    • Medjool. These beautiful, durable palms look extremely luxurious in any setting you put them in with their gorgeous gray trunks, long green fronds, and leaves. They are very resistant to heat, so they are perfect for homes in cities like Houston. Just make sure you get the right contractor to install them, as they can be complicated to plant and require proper staking and bracing to ensure healthy growth.
    • Pygmy/Mini. Also known as “dwarf palms,” pygmy palms are great if you want a palm tree inside as they can grow easily in pots. They also are great for small backyards, especially those with small patios or pools that need small decorations. This has become one of the most popular palm tree species on the market!
    • Sylvester. Sylvester palms are extremely popular in Houston, often lining avenues and pools as a landscaping feature. With silvery blue-green fronds, many consider these a more cost-effective alternative to Medjool Date palms while still providing the gorgeous and tropical element many are looking for.

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