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Our Top 5 Landscape Tips

Whether you’re building a backyard oasis or just want more privacy, there are a number of reasons why homeowners look to improve their yards. We get a lot of questions so we’ve put together our top tips to maximize the appeal of your landscape!

Pro Tip 1: Be aware of Seasonality

There are many landscape products available that flourish only during specific seasons, especially given the heat/humidity of Houston! We recommend speaking to your landscape provider about getting the most seasonality out of your products.

For example, Evergreen Shrubs retain their leaves all year long, so they’re constantly providing a substantial amount of cover and color. This will help your yard look appealing in winter months when many other shrubs/flowers are dormant. We recommend placing the shrubs near the house, in front beds for example, which provide a nice aesthetic touch!

Pro Tip 2: Use the Right Mix of Plants

Staying with Tip 1, use a mixture of plants that compensate for both look and time of bloom. The goal is to have ornamental leaves to be visible season-long. If all the flowers bloom at the same time, you’ll have a beautiful yard for only part of the year. Perennial Rozanne geranium is a great option because it blooms from June through October.

Speak with your landscape expert about what colors you’re trying to achieve and how to stagger the bloom periods.

Pro Tip 3: Connect Points of Interest With a Pathway

Whether you have a swing, a water feature or a fire pit, it’s important that you connect the points of interest with a pathway. Instead of trampling down the lawn with the wear of walking, creating an attractive walkway can easily be achieved by using concrete stepping stones (with a formed template), flagstone, decorative brick, crushed stone or even prefab stone. n

We recommend using material similar to what’s used on the exterior of the house (if possible), such as a brick or stone, because it will tie the path aesthetically to the home in one contiguous design concept. Using a small box shrub along the pathway is a great way to provide extra differentiation between the path and the grass.n

Pro Tip 4: Light up your property!

Lights can provide a “wow-factor” that drops jaws if done right! There are several areas we recommend lighting to provide the right touch for evening viewing.

Walkways: Not only does this look really nice, but also provide some safety to not trip on uneven surfaces.

Seating Areas: Swings and benches are much more approachable in the evening when there’s just a little light.

Pergolas/Patios/Gazebos: Gathering areas can be decorated with string lighting, but be weary of too many exposed cords which will work against the look. Also, make sure any staircases/steps are lit for safety.

Water Features like ponds & waterfalls: A little light here (even with a color light) can transform a water feature.

The house itself: Lighting up the house itself is another way to help people appreciate the full imagery.

Pro Tip 5: Add a Seating Area

A seating area away from the house can provide both beauty and comfort. There are several ways to achieve this goal: A pergola with a swing, a concrete/stone area with a bench, even boulders around a fire feature can provide just the right type of seating area.

Bonus pro tip: Building the seating area near trees or tall shrubs gives the area some privacy for reading and relaxing!n


Here is a list of Just a few of our trees we carry: Medjools, Phoenix Dactylifera, California fan palm, Pindo, Sylvester, Mediterranean fan, Pygmy, Queen, Live oak, Red Oak, Bald Cypress, Green Ash, Mexican Sycamore, Bottlebrush, Cedar Elm, Magnolia, Mule Palms, Texas Sabal, Windmill Palm, ect.

We are Houston’s largest nursery (20 acres). If you are in the market for large or small trees this is where you want to come. You’ll get to hand pick the trees and if you need, we can even install them for you. We offer the best warranty in the industry and we actually stand behind our work. We are Veteran owned! Come by and see us today!

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