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Ornamental Trees on the Farm

Professional landscapers will all tell you the importance of adding an ornamental tree to your yard. Though typically added for aesthetic purposes, they also have functionality. They add extra beauty and a needed focal point to your garden and can also be a major attraction for local wildlife and provide shade in different parts of your outdoor space. So what kind of ornamental trees should you add to your home?

At Verdant Tree Farm, we have a variety of ornamental trees available for purchase—all unique, beautiful, and perfect for your yard! Read on to learn more about some of our favorite ornamental trees on the farm:

· Bottlebrush. Bottlebrush trees are small, shrub-like plants characterized by their red, cylindrical-shaped, brush-like flowers. From the evergreen tree family, bottlebrushes are fantastic for hiding some of your yard’s busier or more unattractive parts. At the same time, the fuzzy nature of the flower still filters light through. They are generally a low-maintenance plant to take care of and are pretty drought-tolerant once established in the ground.

· Eagleston Holly. The Eagleston Holly is a great tree if you already have an existing landscape design but are looking to add a few more trees and shrubs to your yard. A type of evergreen tree, these trees can grow up to two feet a year until they reach maturity (about 15-20 feet tall), with canopies expanding to 15-20 feet wide. They are also very drought resistant, so the Eagleston Holly can still thrive if you live in a drier climate. We love seeing these used as privacy hedges or property boundary markers.

· Japanese Blueberry. The Japanese Blueberry tree is perfect for those wanting Christmas all year round. Perfectly combining tropical foliage and seasonal evergreen elements, these majestic trees have a warm and approachable Christmas tree look. They are pretty low maintenance to take care of and can fit into many spaces because of their narrow shape. In the spring, expect small white flowers to bloom; in the fall and winter, you’ll get dark blue yet inedible berries. One thing to note: these trees grow slowly. Unless you’re willing to wait years for it to grow, you’ll want to purchase a Japanese Blueberry of an already decent size to plant.

· Vitex. The Vitex (also known as the Chaste Tree) is prized for its lovely decorative flower spikes and grey trunk. Its beautiful flowers bloom from May to September with spikes of pink, lilac and white flowers that attract butterflies and bees. This ornamental tree also grows black berries that produce a peppery smell. You will be surprised to know that the Vitex is a native tree to Asia and was cultivated in the Southern US in the mid 1600’s.

Get your ornamental trees at Verdant Tree Farm! We are the largest independent, single-site nursery in Houston, with over 20 acres on our farm devoted to providing our clients only with the best trees, shrubs, plants, and other nursery products and services. We service residential (including poolscapes) and commercial customers, including landscapers, contractors, and commercial development.

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