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Landscaping Ideas for Your Poolside Oasis

There’s nothing better than stepping outside into your very own pool, just steps away from your home. During the hot summer, the pool is your source to cool down and, of course, have a lot of fun with friends and family. Better yet, when designed right, your pool can be a relaxing and aesthetic focal point of your entire home, becoming a true poolside oasis and great entertaining space.

But how exactly should you design it, and how would you landscape your backyard around the pool?

If you’re stuck trying to figure out how to design your backyard around your pool, don’t sweat it (literally!). Take a look at some of our favorite landscaping and design ideas for your poolside oasis:

    • Tuscan. Imagining a summer at the pool under the Tuscan sun? Though you may not be able to move to Italy, consider landscaping your pool using a Tuscan style. Use warm earth tones and natural stones as the flooring around your pool. Mediterranean Fan Palms, Italian Cypress and Canary Date Palms are fantastic tree choices for getting that Mediterranean vibe. We LOVE the look of Red Bottlebrush Trees. These trees produce beautiful red flowers among evergreen, giving you those warm tones and bursts of color that the Tuscan style is famous for. Agave is another great choice! Their leaves rarely fall and stay attractive all year long, even in warm climates.
    • Tropical. Nothing’s better than a tropical beach vacation; we love incorporating these elements into pool landscaping. And what says tropical more than palm trees? Palm trees such as Medjool Date, Sylvester Date, Florida Sabal and the lovely Mule palm are perfect for poolside landscaping, as they shed very little and, when planted in clusters, can provide an adequate amount of shade and privacy. Want some color in your tropical design? The Bird of Paradise and Oleander are fantastic add ins to this design!
    • Traditional. Staying traditional? Try the Eaglestone Holly, Texas Sabal or Crepe Myrtle. Adding hedges around the pool to designate the pool area from the rest of your backyard such as Vitex, Ligustrum or Japanese Blueberry are great choices.

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